Image Restroration

At David Simm Photography we understand the value of family heirlooms, especially the images of our parents and grandparents. We too are immigrants and our ancestors are burried in the mother country, the only memories we have are in the form of pictures.
Thankfully we have wonderful photographs of them, many of which we had to restore from damaged originals.
restored image
restored image
Restored Image
originl image
Damaged Original Photograph
restored imageRestoration of damaged old photographs is a labour and skill intensive process, the original is scanned and imported into the image manipulation software, then little by little the damged is repaired and the image reconstructed.
The cost of this work is not dependant on materials used, but the amount of time consumed.
The only way we can estimate the price is by seeing the original and predicting the amount of time needed to painstakingly replace the missing information, but generally an example like the black and white photo, above, would be around $100. Hand colouring like the other two examples would be around $350 and up.

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