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Photography chicagoPhotoShop 101 for beginners, serious amateurs and professionals: learn how to correct your images with levels and curves, so that your prints are perfect every time. Remove unwanted detail and clone out scratched and age damage the easy way. Learn how to open eyes and add missing people to groups. You will be able to remove exit signs, utility poles and wires and change compositions after this tutorial.

Photographer chicagoLearn the art of classical posing and lighting from one of Britain's most recognised Portrait - Wedding Photographers, not only will he show you the right way to light your subject, but how to avoid the wrong lighting set up.

David Simm demonstrates how to create beautiful hands in female and bridal portraiture.

Do you need to learn how to costruct stunning family groups in confined spaces? let David Simm show you just how simple it is, to build up a superbly attractive family portrait in the client's own home This Power Point Tutorial has real potraits and lighting diagrams side by side with the explanation of how to achieve the result.

Get Classical Posing and Lighting 101 for just $35 plus shipping/handling.

Photography chicagoMulti Cultural Weddings 101 will teach you the foundations of how to successfully handle weddings in different cultural groups and ethnic communities.

Learn, where to be, when to be and how to be when photographing events and weddings outside your own ethnic culture. Do you know when to cover your head, or take your shoes off? Would you know whom you cant touch or who you can't?

David Simm will give you the insight on what questions you should be asking to have you respected, not only for your work, but more importantly for your observation of correct ettiquette when dealing with first generation immigrant communties at their social events. David Simm has been covering multi cultural weddings for more than forty years and is one of the most experienced photographers in the industry.

The Power Point Presention on CD is only $35 plus shipping and handling

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